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point type must extend from SeriesPoint


Like all other series, bar series have Base props<br/> They also have other props that we can class into the following categories :

1. Markers

  • displayMarkers: displays scatter points markers<br /> type: boolean<br/> default: false
  • markerShape: serie's markers shape<br /> type: Shape<br/> default: 'circle'
  • markerSize: changes size of serie's markers<br /> type: number<br/> default: 8
  • markerStyle:changes style of serie's markers. Can be dynamic or static<br /> type: CSSFuncProps<br/> default: {}

2. Point Label

  • pointLabel: serie's point label that can be static or dynamic depending on kind of points<br /> type: LabelFuncProps<point><br/> default: ''
  • pointLabelStyle: serie's point label style, static or dynamic depending on kind of points<br /> type: CSSFuncProps<point><br/> default: {}

3. ErrorBars

  • displayErrorBars: displays error bars in the series<br /> type: boolean<br/> default: false
  • errorBarsStyle: changes error bars style<br /> type: SVGAttributes<SVGLineElement><br/>
  • errorBarsCapSize: changes size of error bars cap<br /> type: number<br/>
  • errorBarsCapStyle: changes error bars cap's style<br /> type: SVGAttributes<SVGLineElement><br/>

4. Lines

  • lineStyle: styling of the serie's path static or dynamic that depends on series id<br /> type: CSSFuncProps<{id}><br/> default: false