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You must specify the horizontal domain to use FunctionSeries otherwise the plot will not be displayed (next example)

To set the horizontal domain use one of these options :
  • Add horizontal Axis and determine max and min props
    <Axis min={0} max={20} position="bottom" />
  • Add another Series to the plot. It will automatically specify the domain of horizontal axis


In FunctionSeries we don't have data props we just need to precise our function using getY callback


We want to display y=f(x), where f is a declared function getY={(x)=>f(x)}


Like all other series, function series have Base props
They also have other props that we can class into the following categories :

1. Function

  • getY: (Mandatory) function that you want to display
    type: (x:number)=>number

2. Lines

  • lineStyle: styling of the serie's path static or dynamic depending on series id
    type: CSSFuncProps<{id}>
    default: false