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point type must extend from SeriesPoint


Like all other series, scatter series have Base props, but in addition to that they also have many other props that we can class into the following categories :

1. Markers

  • displayMarkers: display scatter points markers<br /> type: boolean<br/> default: true
  • markerShape: serie's shape of a marker. Can be either dynamic or static<br /> type: ShapeFuncProps<br/> default: 'circle'
  • markerSize: serie's size of a marker<br /> type: number<br/> default: 8
  • markerStyle: serie's markers style (static / dynamic)<br /> type: CSSFuncProps<br/> default: {}

2. Point Label

  • pointLabel: serie's point label (static / dynamic)<br /> type: LabelFuncProps<br/> default: ''
  • pointLabelStyle: serie's point label style (static / dynamic)<br /> type: CSSFuncProps<br/> default: {}

3. ErrorBars

  • displayErrorBars: displays error bars in the serie<br /> type: boolean<br/> default: false
  • errorBarsStyle: changes error bars style<br /> type: SVGAttributes<SVGLineElement><br/>
  • errorBarsCapSize: size of error bars' cap<br /> type: number<br/>
  • errorBarsCapStyle: changes error bars' cap style<br /> type: SVGAttributes<SVGLineElement><br/>