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PlotObjectPlot is a type that is used to define the plot to be rendered by the PlotObject component.

It is a simple object with many fields. The following is a list of the mandatory and optional properties of the PlotObjectPlot type.


  • axes: Array that defines the axes of the plot.
    type: Array<({type: 'main';} & AxisProps) | ({ type: 'secondary'; } & ParallelAxisProps)>

  • content: Array that defines the content of the plot, Series each one with data and options.
    type: Array<PlotObjectContent>


  • Legend: Object that defines the legend options.
    type: LegendProps

  • dimensions: Object that defines the dimensions of the plot.
    type: {width: number;height: number;margin?:Partial<Margins>;}

  • svg: Object that defines the svg options.
    type: Pick<PlotProps, 'plotViewportStyle' |'seriesViewportStyle'> & { className?: string; id?: string; style?: PlotProps'svgStyle']; };

  • colorScheme: Color scheme used to pick colors for the series
    type: Iterable<string>
    default: "schemeSet1" from "d3-scale-chromatic"

  • seriesViewportStyle: Object that defines the style of the series viewport.
    type: CSSProperties